Bridge Gate Community School

4060 Sullivant Ave

Columbus, OH 43228

Services Seventh through Twelfth Grade

Each year, the number of students who enter school with circumstances in their lives that impede their educational success are increasing. Each student will need something different out of school, and we believe that each student is unique with distinct needs. These individual needs must be met prior to becoming a successful student.

Our vision involves a hierarchy of needs that we have identified as relevant to the educational process. These needs can be visualized as forming a pyramid consisting of, in ascending order, physical and biological needs, safety needs, emotional and love needs, self-esteem needs, and finally self-actualization. Each level must be at least somewhat firmly in place before the next level can be successfully met. The traditional approach to education starts at too high a position in the hierarchy, ignoring the more basic needs and only minimally addressing emotional and self-esteem needs. Because academic learning actually lies in the upper portion of this hierarchy of needs, attempts at education will not work unless the needs below this position in the hierarchy have been sufficiently filled.

We will begin the process of academic turn around by providing programs and systems that address each student’s hierarchy of needs. These programs will consist of initiatives that incorporate the family and the community. You cannot deal with a student’s emotional needs without affecting the environment in which they live. Connecting the family and community with the school will set the foundation for academic turn around to take place.

We take the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” to heart. We understand that community and parental involvement makes an enormous impact on student achievement, student’s attitudes toward school, and their daily attendance. Involving families and the community in our educational processes will create strong partnerships with families and the community. Southwest Educational Development Laboratory states, "When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more”. We realize that the school’s strength lies in the hands of its families and the extent to which they become involved in the daily activities of students.

Community schools strive to bring together resources in the school, and community in order to produce students that will one day become effective contributors in society.  Bridge Gate Community School of Columbus, Ohio is no different. 

The goal is to become “the right school for the right reasons”.  Bridge Gate Community School nurtures the whole students with a holistic approach by offering wrap around services.  This entails addressing a student’s basic needs (physical, cognitive, emotional, and social) to achieve self-actualization.


Bridge Gate Community School will promote knowledge, wisdom and understanding to all stakeholders that empowers success in our global society.


The mission of Bridge Gate Community School has four components.

1.     Prepare students with 21st Century skills including using informative and communications technology (ICT) to gather and assess information, collaborate, be innovative, think critically, and solve problems, promote knowledge, wisdom and understanding to all stakeholders that empowers success in our global society.

2.     To achieve this goal, the teaching and learning culture must build positive relationships with all students and their families in order to gain trust and respect while providing an opportunity for active engagement and adapting programs and practices to achieve full student potential.

3.     Create a productive learning environment featuring nontraditional methods of instructional delivery and high expectations that involve parents and families.

4.     Ensuring students reach their full potential, are prepared to be successful in life after graduation and enter a global society that requires being trained in the utilization of various technological tools.



o   We are a diverse group of highly qualified educators with proven success in growing our students academically.  We are committed to the goal of preparing students for college career and life in a safe family environment. 


o   Multicultural educational institution serving grades 7-12 to create students prepared to contribute to a diverse society in the 21st century. 


o   Full scale common core aligned curriculum, onsite community engagement specialist, and an academic enriching after-school program that focuses on college and career readiness.


o   Career Based Instruction focused curriculum. 



Initiatives to increase the understanding of grade level curriculum, standardized tests, utilizing state test blueprints, ensuring instruction is appropriately paced, using data to drive instruction, and motivating students to learn.

·       Ohio State Tests (AIR)

o   Students were 14% proficient for the AIR Physical Science test and American History.


·       Renaissance STAR 360

o   Math – Grade 9 increased from 639 to 734 from the winter to spring test administration.  

o   Reading - Overall grades 7, 8, and 12 reading from the winter to spring test administration. Please see chart below.

Social-Emotional and Community Support Programs

v Afterschool Program - will include assistance to students to achieve their educational goals while providing cultural enrichment/social skills, health/wellness, and sports/physical activities.


v Parent Advisory Committee - Included in the After-School program is a Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) providing a support system for parents and guardians. Parents will have the opportunity to attend quarterly meetings to learn how to support their children academically and address potential barriers to their children’s educational success.


v Mobile Dental unit. This group provides annual visits and preventative dental cleaning to students at no cost.


v Guidestone Counseling - Adolescent and family counseling agency.


v College Credit Plus- Designed to offer college credits for currently enrolled, eligible high school students.