The climate of a school includes its students and its diversity, but also much more. Fostering a positive school climate is an important aspect of school improvement efforts. It encourages collaboration among faculty and staff and motivates students to get engaged.  At Bridge Gate Community School, we want our students to be able to participate in activities that enrich them with creativity, athletic skills, and academic challenges that support the school climate.

In addition, extracurricular activities can boost camaraderie, academic performance, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health, and provide a safe, structured environment.

New Student Council!

In an effort to offer opportunities for students to express and implement ideas for activities, curriculum, policy reformations, school spirit and leadership; it was decided to create Bridge Gate’s first Student Council. Under the guidance of Gretchen Stranges (Community Engagement Specialist); Student Council emboldens students to take on leadership roles and to take ownership of their school. The group acts as a voice for the student body and strives to motivate students who are not members of Student Council to find their voice and get involved.

Assembled in December 2016, students who both expressed an interest in participating and whose teachers recommended as good candidates were selected. Students identified a position for which they’d like to assume, prepared and delivered a 3-5 minute speech and was voted in by their peers.

Meetings take place every Wednesday and last roughly 35 minutes each. Current projects include a “Valentine Gram” fundraiser; an International Day; and a School Newspaper amongst other things. We are excited about the progress the student council has made thus far and look forward to what’s to come!




Bridge Gate Community School has offered fun and exciting activities such as the Principal Warren's "Waffle with Warren," soccer play, fishing, and park activities.