Mission, Vision, & Values



It is our mission to provide an effective, consistent and academically rigorous education in a safe, disciplined and nurturing environment.  We will empower students to reach their fullest potential by implementing a comprehensive curriculum facilitated by highly effective educators in collaboration with families and the community and supported by progressive technology.

Our Beliefs and Values:

At Bridge Gate,  we believe . . .

  • Education is a partnership between teachers, parents, students and administration

  • In creating a safe, caring and rich school culture

  • In consistent teacher and parent communication

  • In enforcing our school dress code

  • In high behavioral and academic expectations

  • In rigorous, comprehensive and developmentally appropriate curriculum

Instructional Vision

Bridge Gate’s educational model is based on the following:

  • All students can achieve their potential given the appropriate resources, facility and care and dedicated staff and parents.

  • All students benefit from a fundamental curriculum and structured environment which includes foundational skills and hands-on application.

  • Formulation of a parent-school partnership which fosters collaboration between parents, teachers, students and administration.

  • Students are engaged in authentic and hands-on learning.

Character Building and Positive Behavior Beliefs and Values:

Bridge Gate places a strong focus on behavior and sets high expectations for all students and parents.  Our educators place an emphasis on providing a positive academic environment that focuses on character building and establishes high expectations for our students.